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The Wounded Warrior Project or WWP was founded to help our soldiers in all branches of service who have suffered injuries during military service.
One of thier cool programs is the Soldiers Ride.
Soldier Ride is a WWP initiative that provides rehabilitative cycling opportunities across the country to help wounded warriors restore their physical and emotional well- being. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for the public to participate in a cycling event that honors the men and women of our military who sacrificed so much. Soldier Ride offers the public a chance to ride alongside as our warriors promote their positive message of recovery. The event raises funds for WWP programs and initiatives that ensure this generation of wounded warriors is the most successful, well-­adjusted generation of wounded warriors in our nation’s history.

Go online and search the WWP website and help where you can.


The Midwest has witnessed some of the worst weather in over fifty years. The Tornados in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas have taken their toll on its residents and their families. The cost in property and the loss of life is devastating beyond most peoples capabilities to comprehend as the pictures do not do justice to the magnitude of destruction.

With all of the loss, and all of the sorrow the resilient American spirit prevails. They haven’t given up. Each and every day since the storm Americas people move forward with their lives trying to pick up the pieces as best they can, and in many instances there is just no place to put what is left of their former lives and belongings. The most basic of services that were taken for granted are now unavailable or in short supply. These sad events have touched almost everyone in the country in one way or another. It has touched my family with my wife’s high school being destroyed.

What is surprising is that the rescue and support efforts of charities is actually functioning as it should. The American Red Cross who has been absent or irrelevant in recent disasters such as Katrina and 911 were actually present to lend assistance instead of just taking donations to hand out years later after a public outcry and subsequent embarrassment.

Not only have charities risen to the occasion, but individual efforts, church support, and businesses across the country have taken it upon themselves to help out our fellow countrymen in a way that has not been seen in many years. Entertainers have donated concert tour proceeds to those in need, with one female country artist Taylor Swift donating from her tour over seven hundred thousand dollars.

In the face of great tragedy and heartbreak the American Spirit is alive and well. When one of our own is down and in need we are there to lend a hand to pick them up, even when they do not ask. I guess that is what makes our country great. When there is need in the world the United States is always there, and is usually the first one to help, and one hundred percent of the time we are the country that helps the most in every single worldwide catastrophe.

May God bless those who are suffering, and may God bless those who ease that suffering.

There are numerous ways to avoid fraud and scams in the martial arts. Take these precautions and you should be able to assure yourself that you will avoid the martial arts fraud that is trying to take money from you and not provice the actual martia art that you intended. Prospective students and teachers can contact this website for more information and we will be happy to assist you for free of charge and guide you in the right direction.

We hope you find these pages helpful in your search for authentic self defense.

Carter Hargrave Fraud Program Eliminating Martial Arts Scams In Karate,MMA, and Kung Fu.

Carter Hargrave the director of multiple martial arts associations and federations has founded this anti fraud program putting in place safeguards in an attempt eliminate all fraud in the famous art of legendary actor and martial artist Bruce Lee. Fraud and scams are prevalent in Jeet Kune Do and Hargrave’s system weeds out the fakes by offering the public authentic teachings that were not available in many parts of the world until Hargrave’s International group of over eight thousand members took Jeet Kune Do mainstream.

The further from the United States that the student that is searching for real Bruce Lee teachings the higher the chance of fraud due to the simple fact that there were very few original teachers and students at Bruce Lee’s three schools. At one time in JKD history there were less than fifty teachers worldwide.

One of the main scam areas that is a big problem is in Asia.

Carter Hargrave is working non stop to make the real martial arts available worldwide to those that cant find a legitimate teacher, as well as to keep the fake training dvd’s and books away from the public.

Support Carter Hargrave in his efforts to promote legitimate martial arts teachers not only in Jeet Kune Do but in Kempo Karate. We all know that fake teachers selling their fraud hurt everyone in the martial arts.

One of the questions that we get asked all the time is “So how do you spot a fraud or a scam in the particular martial art”. You start with the art that you are wanting to partake in, and contact several associations. You can judge alot by the response that you receive. Many times you will not hear anything due to the websites being a fraud themselves.

Check out the teachers credientials or resume online and through word of mouth or through martial arts associations and organizations.

For the art of Brue Lee you must be sure that there is a direct line to the master himself. Direct lineage it is called is when the teachers teacher was at the Lee school or Bruce Lee. The closer to Lee of course the better. Since there few first generation Bruce Lee students living or teaching your best bet now is second generation. If they don’t well you know you have a fake.

Other martial arts other than the arts core serve no purpose other than to water down the art itself or to fill in the blanks in the teachers knowledge of the real art. Three martial arts made up the original Jeet Kune Do.

So if you see a bunch of stuff that doesn’t look quite right its probably a scam.

Please Contact us for more information or questions.

Each country though out history has had its own form of self defense or un armed combat. Many times to find the original art you must go back hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years. One problem that the researcher may come across is the influence of travelers into the country that bring in their respective form of defense aspects watering down the original art form. That is not to say that this is a bad thing, due to the fact that many arts did this in the past to improve upon a technique. or to implement one that did not excist to meet a current need that was plaguing the area of the country form evil doers and invaders.

While it may be a sign of our base culture as a whole, you can trace the progress of a country or a people by how efficiently they kill each other. I think this may be a sad commentary on man in general, but as a purely historical and educational standpoint is quite telling about each country and their development as a people.

World Jeet Kune Do Federation provides top-notch training, rank testing in person or via video conference from Professor Carter Hargrave. We also offer beautiful internationally recognized student rank certificates and instructor certification.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise World Jeet Kune Do Federation has established a relationship with our members that will last a lifetime!

All of our full instructors must have current membership, a set of DVD’s and the Original Jeet Kune Do Training Manual to make sure everyone teaches the original JKD system just like Bruce Lee at his three famous schools. You then send us a video of you doing the moves listed in the manual and demonstrated on the DVD’s and we grade you to the level of your skill. If you have little previous training in original JKD then you can progress up the rank levels 2-12, then full instructor. The first level to begin teaching that you can begin with is apprentice instructor trainee available to all. You will need a training partner and you should send videos of your tests. We may also customize your instructor test, and request video of the requirements being demonstrated.
That is how you become a certified instructor. If you have previous training and ranking in JKD then please send us scans of your certificates. All instructors must have a link with our logo to or, along with a statement in your bio that you are a supporter of the WJKDF, etc.

  1. Apprentice Instructor Certification
  2. Full Instructor Certification
  3. Master Instructor Certification

To get started, all you need to do is join the association and order your first DVD or one of the sets (free membership included) and JKD manual and you are on your way.

To learn Jeet Kune Do in our DVD program. You order the DVD’s and practice what is taught. Each DVD is setup to be just like a private lesson with Professor  Carter Hargrave President of the World Jeet Kune Do Federation. The Original JKD Training Manual follows along with each DVD level and lists the rank requirements Level 2 (the first level, as level 1 is like a white belt) through Level 12.

Once you have the moves down that you have seen on the DVD, send us a video of you doing them just like in our DVD and we grade them and contact you to let you know if you have passed the level test or what you need to work on. The video can be VHS, or you can send DVD, CD or video file MPEG or other,etc. The DVD’s are easy to understand and you work out at your own pace. There are no time limits as to how often you can test. Your skill level is all we are concerned with. This is the most successful DVD program in JKD, and our students have excelled. No previous martial arts experience needed. Student rank testing fees with certificates Level 2-6 $50 each level, Level 7-8 $60 each level, 9-10 $80 each level, 11-12 $100 each level , Black Sash $350. You can order your tests online then send us your video, or you can mail the fee with your test. Your results are emailed directly to you from Professor Hargrave, and he will advise on what you need to work on and answer your questions one on one.
Looking forward to having you train with us.

Carter Hargrave holds instructor / black belt level rankings in Kempo Karate, Kung Fu, Goshin Jutsu, Jeet Kune Do, Aiki Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and Arnis, as well as the author of three martial arts books, two on Japanese Kempo Karate and The Original Jeet Kune Do Training Manual which contain Bruce Lee’s techniques from the Oakland and Los Angeles schools.. Hargrave is the founder of the style known as American Combat kempo which he introduced in 1992, and in 2000 was presented the International Founders Award by Dr. E.A. Moore (President of the World Martial Arts hall of Fame) for the defense system. This system is used by the United States Marines as the basis for their training since 2000. Hargrave has been inducted into numerous martial arts hall of fame’s and was Grandmaster of the Year in the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.