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Martial Arts teacher and Grandmaster Carter Hargrave is no stranger to confrontations in the self defense and fighting world, but one would not imagine someone having attained seven black belt instructor ranks having to deal with persons stalking them. You would think when you have a reputation for being able to deal catastrophic injury with little effort that you would be immune to someone harassing you, your family and your business says Hargrave the head of two international martial arts associations including the famous style founded by world icon Bruce Lee.
You cant tell or predict what crazy or deranged people are going to do or what they are capable of so you must always have your guard up and be aware of your surroundings, something that I teach my students so the bad guys don’t get the jump on them. I have had several stalker types in the past many being sex offenders, pedophiles, and rapists that were seeking martial arts lessons from me, that I had turned down. Now we are dealing with the crazies that pop out of the internet seeing how much harm they can cause.
My latest stalker is an individual named Joe Glimp in Edmond Oklahoma who took it upon himself to post wild accusations in chat rooms and sending harassing emails to myself and my work. The police in Oklahoma City got involved and provided his mugshot from a drug arrest so we could protect ourselves when he came around physically. Apparently Glimp was terminated from his job for his obsession with Hargrave as he was doing his libelous internet activity on company time. He was hiding under the internet avatar Hungry Joe. Glimp met another individual, Rex Ashcraft of Cushing Oklahoma, in the internet chat forum whom he befriended and convinced it would be a good idea to apply for lessons at Hargrave’s school so he could get close to him physically for the possibility of harming him and or his business. Ashcraft was later seen going into Hargrave’s home while he was away on a weekend vacation.
“Rex Ashcraft was a student applicant who had claimed to be a Kempo Karate Blackbelt, but after seeing him not be able to perform the simplest of basic moves it was clear he had no formal training Hargrave stated.”Here is a picture of Rex Ashcraft appearing to wear a brown belt which in martial arts is below the black belt ranking, as well as a photo of him wearing a beer box hat while apparently quite drunk. He was hiding under the internet avatar CorvusCorvanes.Oklahoma City Police Detectives contacted Joe Glimp and conveyed the stalking situation as to its probable outcome, which only infuriated him to post more hate speech online about the object of his attention Grandmaster Hargrave. Lashing out and blaming the one being stalked is common by those obsessed for being confronted by authorities regarding their inappropriate actions. Detectives also interviewed a local Judo Master who Glimp had taken a few lessons who relayed a message to Hargrave that he had little to worry about as “Glimp has no ability” which is common in those that harass martial arts teachers. In many cases jealousy is the motivator and they feel if they can knock them or their school down calling them fake or frauds then they become better in their own eyes.
Hargrave adds “ I feel that I have a gift to share by teaching others to defend and empower themselves with some serious self defense skills, and it is sad that malicious people like this come into our lives. I just have to look at all the good I have done and the people that I have helped and that makes all the obstacles worth it in the end. I hope making this public will shed some light on the problem for teachers and the need for new legislation to protect teachers of all disciplines” As a high profile martial arts figure Hargrave has had multiple stalkers and dozens of death threats in his career.
Carter Hargrave is the head instructor at Hargrave Martial Arts a private defense school, President  the World Jeet Kune Do Federation, President of the World Kempo Karate Association, Founder of American Combat Kempo Karate, and author of three martial arts books and twenty films on martial arts.

Joe Glimp

Joe Glimp Picture – Mugshot after drug arrest – Oklahoma City Police Dept

Rex Ashcraft

Rex Ashcraft Picture – Brown Belt

Rex Ashcraft

Rex Ashcraft Picture – Beer Hat